EMC and the Eastbourne Foodbank

Eastbourne Motoring Centre, as proud supporters of the Eastbourne Foodbank, supply their latest van.

Sales and Commercial Vehicle Specialist, Dean Matthews, has the pleasure of handing the keys over to Howard Wardle, Chief Executive of Eastbourne Foodbank.

Howard Wardle, CEO of Eastbourne Foodbank collecting the new van from Dean Matthews
Howard Wardle, CEO of Eastbourne Foodbank collecting the new van from Dean Matthews

Whilst on site Howard gave us a tour of their operations which was a real eye opener and highlighted the plight of many in our community. The Eastbourne Foodbank relies almost entirely on donations to continue their tireless work in supplying food and other necessities to those most in need in our area. They are one of the largest foodbanks in the UK, supplying approximately 230,000 meals last year alone!

They explained that many do not own cookers and fridges, so often need canned meats such as ham that don’t need to be cooked, and UHT milk that can be stored without refrigeration. It was also touching to see that whilst they need the regular bulk of cereal, beans, soup, pasta, tea, and rice pudding, which all get used up in large quantities weekly, there is also a need for the little luxuries in life, such as a pack of biscuits, some chocolate, custard, sweets, puddings, things that are so appreciated but often overlooked.

Howard Wardle and Dean Mathews

Whilst supplying their new van, Eastbourne Motoring Centre were pleased to also make a £500 donation to help their vital and worthwhile cause.

We are extremely grateful to our grant funders for providing the finance

Howard Wardle (MBE) – CEO of Eastbourne Foodbank

We would ask everyone, especially now during the cost of living crisis, with the need in our community being at an all-time high, to please consider donating to Eastbourne Foodbank if you can. It really does make the world of difference. If you feel you can support them yourself in some way, please consider getting in touch with them here: https://eastbourne.foodbank.org.uk/