Vauxhall-driving NHS staff to receive free roadside assistance

Vauxhall will today extend its Roadside Assistance programme to all NHS workers who drive a Vauxhall vehicle and do not already have breakdown cover.

Vauxhall's Free NHS Roadside Assistance
  • Vauxhall offers Roadside Assistance programme to Vauxhall-driving NHS staff
  • No limit on mileage or age of Vauxhall vehicle
  • No restrictions on where vehicle has been serviced/maintained in past.

To enable NHS staff to stay mobile and remain focused on their critical jobs, Vauxhall will today extend its Roadside Assistance programme to all NHS workers who drive a Vauxhall vehicle, and do not already have mechanical breakdown cover.

Vauxhall’s Roadside Assistance, which was previously only available to buyers of new Vauxhall vehicles for a 12-month period, will be available to all NHS staff, no matter how old their Vauxhall is, or what mileage it has covered. Neither will restrictions apply to when and where the vehicle has been serviced or maintained, even if this has been outside Vauxhall’s Authorised Repair network.

Roadside Assistance is a comprehensive programme, too. If NHS staff break down in their Vauxhall, whether at home or at the roadside, and their vehicle is immobilised, the service will aim to repair the car. If this is not possible, the vehicle will be recovered to a Vauxhall Authorised repairer or independent trader within a 10-mile radius, and a taxi provided for its driver and passenger(s) to a single destination within a 20-mile radius.

‘Vauxhall is committed to providing continued support to essential services and key workers, many of whom drive Vauxhalls, during this time,’ said Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s Managing Director. ‘Keeping our NHS colleagues mobile is vital, and will hopefully offer some reassurance to them while they go about their business.’

To make use of Vauxhall’s Roadside Assistance, all NHS staff need do is call 0800 197 2049 and quote, ‘NHS KEY WORKER’. They will then be asked for the model of Vauxhall, its registration, exact location and the cause of the breakdown (if known).

Vauxhall Roadside Assistance – Services not included

While Vauxhall Assistance aims to bring you peace-of-mind motoring, it only covers manufacturer-based or mechanical faults on your vehicle. The cost of any parts or specialist services required to complete a vehicle repair remain the customers responsibility as does any breakdown resulting from a fault that we have previously attended where the original fault has not been properly repaired or you have not followed our advice after a temporary repair. Onwards mobility is not covered after the initial recovery or taxi support to get you to the location of your work / home.

Who is covered?

All NHS staff driving their Vauxhall vehicle upon receipt at the roadside or home of their current NHS Care Identity Number (Smart Card) or Trust ID Badge to prove their eligibility to the program.